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Anime roundup 8/6/2020: Kids These Days

In this week's viewing: Re:ZERO's hero should have appreciated his parents, Deca-Dence's heroine won't listen to her elders, and more!

New Releases in Science Fiction/Fantasy/Paranormal Romance for AUGUST 5

New releases of interest in three favorite romance genres

Noticias Literatura 5-8

The rules for an International Award for Illustrated Album of Fantasy and Science Fiction

Novedades de Julio 2020 en Hispanoamérica

Argentina includes genre in a Federal writing contest; Counterfactual has a review of the second issue ofAeternum; The Argentine North American Cultural Institute offers a creative writing workshop; more

No Posts Today Owing To No Power Today

There’s no power at Amazing HQ today, so no new posts   we’ll be back soon.

Hugo Awards 2020: Round Up of the Fall Out

Multiple,. Multiple, Multiple and varying takes on the Hugo Awards "disaster" of 2020

SUBSUME Media Launches Inclusive Speculative Fiction Library

From comic books to virtual reality workshops, SUBSUME Media helps marginalized voices be heard and break out of their feast or famine mentality


a small family who have survived an apocalyptic epidemic are pursued by an unknown force

Susan Ellison 1960 – 2020

Susan Ellison has died

Not Painting Myself into a Corner Plotwise

What's a rule of your world established in a previous book that complicated things for you in a later book?"


Ng's win for Best Related Hugo brought readers to our commentary on her speech; a Stilyago passes; Spanish language posts up in readership...take a look back one week and see what you've missed!


July's Top Ten posts (and pixel-free version), Hugos, Retro Hugos, Ditmars, Vogel, Eisner awards and more

AMAZING NEWS: 8/2/2020 Post CoNZealand Edition

Multiple apologies for different things; free reads, multi-award winning works, Moon video, images from space, 2020 Hugo Awards, more

Why a Chengdu Worldcon Should Be a Chengdhon’t

There's no ethical or moral difference between the Jeddah Saudi Arabia bid and the Chengdu China bid

The Fantasy Network’s Hugo Awards 2020 Coverage

This year's Hugo Awards ceremony was produced by The Fantasy Network. They did a fine job and you can watch a recording of the event right now.

CoNZealand Announces the 2020 Hugo Award Winners

The 2020 Hugo Award results are in

Paul Levinson on Air TONIGHT!

TONIGHT! LIVE! (from a recording of a live performance) IN PERSON! (not a facsimile) FIRST TIME EVER (on radio) P A U L L E V I N S O N !

Chicago Wins 2022 WorldCon Site Selection

Chicon8 has been announced for 2022

Reseña de revista: Relatos increíbles 17.

A review of Incredible Stories magazine #17.

Memoria del futuro boliviano: sobre “En el cuerpo una voz” de Barrientos

An internationally published post-apocalyptic science fiction novel by Bolivian author Maximiliano Barrientos

CLUBHOUSE: Review: Unnerving Magazine #13

This issue a good mix of fun and creepiness, with some first class writing.

Science Fiction to Look For August 2020

Debut novels galore! Hard SF, Mil-SF and more!

Anime roundup 7/30/2020: Making the Field

In this week's viewing: Appare-Ranman! races its way back in, Re:ZERO presents an unexpected test, and more!

CoNZealand Announces 1945 Retro Hugo Award Winners

1945 Retro-Hugo Winners The winners of the Retro Hugo Awards 1945 are: Best Novel “Shadow Over Mars” (The Nemesis from Terra) by Leigh Brackett (Startling Stories, Fall 1944) Best Novella “Killdozer!” by Theodore Sturgeon (Astounding Science Fiction ,...

I, Rocket by Ray Bradbury with an Introduction by JM Stine

A thing of steel and alloy—a rocket ship. Yet it claimed respect and gave a great enduring loyalty.

Perseverence Scheduled to Launch Today at 7:50 am

Perseverence, with Ingenuity aboard, launches today at 7:50 am est

Noticias Literatura 29-7

HISPACON XXXVIII , to be held on November 13, 14 and 15, will host a new edition of the Domingo Santos Contest

Zatoichi vs. Predator


Astounding Histories, April 1930: Venusian Vampires and Marine Monsters

The fourth issue of the magazine the Astounding Award (for Best New Author) is named.

Space travel could create language unintelligible to people on Earth

Let's say a contingent of people boards a so-called "generation ship," a fully-stocked world-onto-itself spacecraft...