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Balance and the Hachette Amazon Dispute

Amazing Stories' resident expert on publishing indie, traditional and seemingly every other outlet, weighs in on the Amazon-Hachette dispute.

It’s Not About the Money…It’s About the Contract, Timing, and Price

Michael weights in on Brenna Aubrey's decision to turn down a six-figure advance.

The Rise of Audio Books

Michael J. Sullivan explores the world of audio books and subsidiary rights: Should you hang on to them? Will they be a significant source of income? Just how well are audio works doing?

Not All Small Presses Are Equal

Michael J. Sullivan provides insight on the types of things you should be concerned with when signing a contract with small presses.

Demystifying Contracts #5: Agency – When Things Go Bad

In my last article: Demystifying Contracts #4: Agency – Terminating Contracts I was exploring the tip of an iceberg...in that case it was what happens when you no longer are getting along with your agent and would like to find another one. But this is just one of the possible problems that may occur and when evaluating the contract. There are others, and in fact it is best to look at a contract considering all the various worst case scenarios. So let's look at some.

Demystifying Contracts #4: Agency – Terminating Contracts

Getting out can be harder than getting in - read your contracts!

Read the Contract

The time has come, my friends, to talk of cabbages, and sealing-wax, of walruses and kings... and of contracts, those sheets of paper that...

Playing the Short Game: How to Sell Your Short Fiction (Part...

Sign Here: What to look (and look out) for in short fiction contracts (Part 1) Welcome back to my on-going series on how to market...

Demystifying Contracts #2: Novels – Territories

This will be my third installment about contracts. For reference you can also refer to: Demystifying Contracts #1: Novels – Ownership vs Rights Transfer Pulling Back...
Pulling back the publishing veil

Pulling Back the Publishing Veil: Life of Copyright Terms

There has been much talk this week about the contract terms of Random House's new digital imprints. John Scalzi, president of the SFWA has...
Pulling back the publishing veil

Pulling Back the Publishing Veil: Contract language with regards to edits

Today I want to concentrate a bit on the contractual aspects with regards to editing. Let's start out by mentioning there are two broad classifications...

Pulling Back the Publishing Veil: Return Reserves, Buy-in, and Sell-through

One of my plans for my posts here at Amazing Stories is to focus on some of the aspects about publishing that a new...