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Noticias literatura 18-12

Yesterday, Luis Vigil, pioneer of the science fiction edition in Spain and co-director of Nueva Dimensión, the most important magazine of Spanish science fiction, died at seventy-nine.

Reporte de Convención: Finncon 2019

A con report, all the way from Finland!

Pórtico, Encuentro de Ciencia Ficción en Argentina.

An interview with Chinchiya Arrakena, one of the organizers of Portico, a meeting series created to disseminate local, regional and national science fiction production, strengthen the relationship between the scientific-technological field and the science fiction community.

¿Qué está pasando? Porqué Amazing Stories ya no va a ser...

Addressing harassment at conventions.


Attend Worldcon, get a free copy of Amazing Stories

Comic Con London – Photos Galore

A plethora of awesome photos from MCM Comic Con, London.

SMOFCON 35: A Brief Report

Highlights from my attendance at SmofCon 35

JO PHAN’S READS: This Week in Fanzines

File 770's paper issues archive updated on the FANAC website.

Presencia hispanohablante en la WorldCon 2017

Happening in Helsinki! Tanya covers the beat.

AMAZING PEOPLE: Tanya Tynjala to Present Best Fan Writer Hugo

Amazing's Spansish Language Editor to present!

Comic Con May 2017 – London, baby!

Comic Con in London is a star-studded, all-out geektacular three days of fun, food, celebrities, and costumes, costumes, and more costumes.

London Comic Con May 2016

MCM Expo Comic Con goes to the Cosplayers!


This week Steve looks at some correspondences between 1952 fandom and 2016 fandom by way of an old magazine, and reviews two movies he found to be terrible. If you're fifteen years old you might think they're good movies; Steve assures you they're not.

Cosplay vs. Inspirations, Side-by-side Comparisons

Being a member of several groups that enjoy cosplay, costuming, etc., does give access to a world of lively discussions. One recent discussion which...

Crossplay and Gender-bending Cosplay

Crossplay: who says Captain America has to be a guy? Who says that only girls can dress up as Black Widow?

Sasq-Watch: Sasquan’s Daily Newzine: Issue 1

Sasq-Watch, the daily newzine from Sasquan, the 73rd World Science Fiction Convention


Our June posts were very popular!

The Atomic Hugo Clock Approaches Midnight

Your Time Is Running Out!

Cons Going Bad, A Somewhat Part Two

Additional detail for evaluating the health of a new convention.

Post Más Populares de Junio

Tanya rounds up the past months' offerings in translation.

75th Anniversary of the First Worldcon

75 Years Ago today, the first ever Worldcon ended.

MCM London Comic Con Smashes Attendance Record

Terence turns in a terrific con report on MCM Comicon London - and lots of great costume pics as well!


Amazing Stories offers all convention members a free 1 year subscription!

Balticon 2014: Getting Back My Groove

James discovers that attending a con can ease the fannish blues

AMAZING NEWS May 25, 2014

Amazon vs Hachette and lots and lots of newsletters and press releases!

Convention Odyssey: A Slightly Insane Project Proposal.

Petrea Mitchell wants to attend a convention-a-week for a year. Amazing Stories wants you to help her do it!

Oh How Life Has Changed: Observations On Traveling To Cons Cheaply

Commentary on Beverly Bambury's The Cheapskate’s Guide to SF/F cons

Friday Fanzine: Prime Materials from Rogers Cadenhead

Today's Fanzine offering: Prime Materials from Rogers Cadenhead, APA King and founder of the Drudge Retort.

April Nostalgia for the Land of the Rising Sun

Morgana explores the wide-ranging consequences of watching anime. Cue the Vapors.