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SPECIAL NOTE:  I submitted Filk lyrics to File 770 for a Pixel Scroll title;  Editor Glyer rejected it for that purpose but encouraged me...

Articles populaires d’août

Fabien Lyraud gives a rundown of some of the highlights of August's posts on Amazing Stories for French language readers.

TAFF Winner Profile: Anna Raftery

Anna Raftery, this year's winner of the Trans-Atlantic Fan Fund (TAFF) competition, tells Ira Nayman a little bit about herself while in Toronto.

Friday Fanzine

Two zines from 2013's TAFF winner - Jim Mowatt

Deep in the Heart of Texas, Part 2

Ever wanted to drop a fan into the middle of the Atlantic? Learn how.

Amazing News, Thursday, March 28th 2013

NOTE: Unless otherwise noted, articles linked to here are sourced from SF Signal and File 770. One of my all-time heroes gets a "non-action" figure...