Guidelines for Artists for Amazing Stories

If you wish to become an artist for Amazing Stories you need to send us a representative portfolio of your work. This should be sent in a digital format – we recommend you watermark your work to protect yourself. Five or more samples, but less than a baker’s dozen.

At this point in time, we’re planning for four issues per year and will be commissioning original cover art for specific stories on those issues. Normally, we’ll work with you on these, however since a great piece of art can also inspire a story – we’ll consider uniquely original pieces on the rare occasion.

We also will be commissioning interior art for stories as well. This can include a single piece for a story or multiple pieces for outstanding stories that demand more illustration. These pieces can be in color – but we may reproduce them in black and white as needed.

What We Want

We’re looking for professional-level work in a wide range of styles. Typically a comic book or manga/anime style will not make the cover. Normally photographs will not be considered for the cover either.

We want works that convey the idea, emotion, or action of the story without spoiling it or giving away the ending. The art should convey emotion. Often it should suggest motion and movement. Characters emotions should show on their faces and body language. Avoid the uncanny valley. Grab the viewer by the retinas and don’t let go.

While our default goal is for photorealistic art for covers – we’re also interested in showing a broader range of styles. We’re looking to showcase a far greater range of talent than the average magazine.

We’re also going to be looking for cartoons to run inside as well. Typically single panel gag cartoons with no dialogue balloons or thought bubbles. One panel with a caption below the art. We want cartoonists with a strongly individual style and a funny take on science fiction and fantasy whether human or alien.


We purchase exclusive rights in all media for one year, then non-exclusive online/electronic rights in perpetuity for all editions of the magazine. We also retain the option on non-exclusive print rights in all markets for inclusion in anthologies of stories and/or art from the magazine and the rights for use in promotional media (posters, t-shirts, mugs, etc.)

Payment: Typically $50 or $25 for interior pieces. Cover (color) pays $100 up to $600. Payment is upon final acceptance.

File Types

You can upload ZIP, PowerPoint or PDF files with your portfolio. Or just send us a link to your online portfolio in the cover letter.

Submit Portfolio

Maximum file size: 255MB