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    What can I submit?

    We're looking for Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror and more. At the moment, we are only open for short stories, but, some time in 2019, we will also be accepting poetry. For a detailed description of our preferences, and submission details, go to the Amazing Stories submission page. You can only submit one story at a time. We're also looking for art, but since we commission most pieces, it's best to start by sharing your portfolio with us.  

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    Why is my story still Queued?

    When we first opened the magazine to submissions, we were flooded. Seriously deluged. To give you some idea of the extent of enthusiasm for Amazing Stories: we received 60 stories within 24 hours of opening submissions, almost  200 in the first month. Our slush readers are working hard on behalf of the magazine, but they're not magical! As a result, we fell behind our goal of evaluating stories within two to four weeks of their submission.   The good news is that we are quickly catching up with the slush pile. Once the bulk of the first gush of submissions has been looked at, we should be able to maintain our stated response time. In the meantime, we are grateful for the patience of everybody who has submitted a story, and would like to thank you all for your interest in Amazing Stories.    

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    I didn't get my verification email/rejection email/etc. - why?

    In all likelihood, it's in your SPAM folder. We were using our own server's email to send emails but near the end of June, we switched to using Google's Gmail because a few of our potential authors weren't getting emails. In all cases, the email was either in their SPAM folder or was blocked by their email provider. Hopefully, with Google sending the email, no one will block these emails anymore. If you didn't get your verification email - just go to login and click 'Forgot Password' and reset it. That will also verify you.  

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    What size advertisements do you take?

    Good question. We want your advertising! Go to this page for more information. https://submissions.amazingstories.com/submit-advertising-artwork/  

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    How do I place an advertisement?

    Use our contact page here for more information, prices, and upcoming placement information.  https://submissions.amazingstories.com/contact-us/