Participants and/or products in this program must qualify under the generally accepted definitions of Indie Author (an author self-publishing some or all of their work); Small Press (a publisher with under fifty million in annual revenue); Micro Press, a publisher of limited run, limited length works (500 copies or under, novellas, chapbooks, generally shorter than novel length works) that is no-profit or has hobby level revenues.

For purposes of this program, Hybrid Authors, authors publishing as both indie and traditionally, qualify, so long as the work(s) being advertised are non-traditionally published works.  This also includes works that may once have been traditionally published, but due to rights reversions are now independently published.

There are many gray areas in publishing these days.  If you have questions regarding your qualification, please feel free to contact us.


There are two primary components to this program, the magazine ad, and the website banner ad and content.


Insertion Size 1/6 Page 1/3 Page (Vertical) 1/2 Page (Horizontal) Full Page Deluxe Full Page* Double Page Spread
Ad Dimensions (Magazine) 2.375″ x 5″ 2.375″ x 10″ 7.5″ x 4.875″ (No Bleed)
7.5″ x 10″(Full Bleed)
8.75″ x 11.25″
8.5″ x 11″ (trim size)
(No Bleed)
7.5″ x 10″
(Full Bleed)
8.75″ x 11.25″
8.5″ x 11″ (trim size)
(No Bleed)
16″ x 10″
(Full Bleed)
17.25″ x 11.25″
17″ x 11″ (trim size)
Ad Dimensions (Website) 250 x 300 (pixels) 250 x 300 (pixels) 250 x 300 (pixels) 250 x 300 (pixels) 250 x 300 (pixels) 250 x 300 (pixels)
Promotional Post X X X X X X
Sunday News Listing X X X X X X
Excerpt X X X X
Guest Post/Author Interview X X X
Cost $199 $299 $399 $599 $699 $1,199


Each advertiser will receive an ad placement in both the magazine and on the website.  Different ad copy will be required for each spot.

Ads in the magazine are published in both the print and electronic editions.  The magazine is published quarterly, which means that these ads are persistent ones.  Advertisers are strongly urged to give consideration to the longevity of these ads when composing them.

All ad copy is subject to prior approval;  Amazing Stories maintains a family-friendly atmosphere.

Ad Components

In addition to the ads themselves, participants in this program receive some or all of the following promotional considerations:

*Deluxe Full Page Ad:  The ad will be placed near the title art for one of the featured stories in the issue.

Promotional Post:  During the quarter, a post promoting the author, the work(s), or similar subject, such as an appearance, will be published on the website.  Advertiser will be given content consideration.

Sunday News Listing:  A new section in the Amazing News Sunday feature will be devoted to listing the works advertised through this program.  Priority is ad size dependent (full page first, 1/2 page, etc.)  The list will be maintained throughout the quarter.

Guest Post/Author Interview Post:  At sometime during the quarter, the advertiser may submit a guest post devoted to promoting their work.  Guest Posts are subject to prior editorial approval.  (No politics, please.)  The advertiser may opt instead for an interview (subject to availability) or may submit an interview.  Interviews are subject to prior editorial approval.  (Guest posts do not have to be original material.)

Excerpt:  The advertiser may submit an excerpt from their work (no length limit, however, works under 3,000 words generally work best) for publication on the website.  All rights, with the exception of perpetual electronic archival rights, are retained by the author.  Excerpts are subject to prior editorial approval.

All guest posts, interviews, promotional posts, and news listings can contain links to author/publisher websites, purchasing opportunities, and social network sites.

Art Work

Please refer to this page for information on trim, bleed, and formats:


Ad fees due upon submission of a signed insertion order.

Amazing Stories reserves the right to refuse any and all advertising at its sole discretion.  Ads may also be pulled (a pro-rated refund will be issued to the advertiser), at any time, for any reason, at the sole discretion of the publisher.